All children receive a high standard of education and care in a quality learning environment

Ensuring we meet Care Inspectorate and NAC educational requirements whilst complying with Health and Safety Acts and Regulations. For our 3 and 4 year old children we deliver the Curriculum for Excellence that is set by the Scottish Government, which allows us to ensure that children are:

Successful Learners

Confident Individuals

Responsible Citizens

Effective Contributors

For our children under 3 years of age we deliver the pre-birth to three Cirriculum which is also set by the Scottish Government. This means that our commitment to ensuring every child has the best possible start in life will be met.

A profile is created for each child, updated on a regular basis and shared with parents.

Bradshaw Early Years Centre promotes the ethos of equal opportunities and is anti-racist, anti-sexist and multicultural. Our management and staff are committed to equal opportunities and treat all persons equally and without prejudice, irrespective of their culture, religion, gender, disability or race.

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